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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You Have Been Found Wanting

Over the last year GOD has had me file certain financial forms with different corporations around the world. These were done as a Test from the Living GOD for the people in these Corporations and Governments.

These forms were filed as an Ambassador and member of Foreign Royalty and thus from someone who is "Officially" allowed access to the Blue Temple on Sirius B - for those leaders in high places you know exactly what this means. (See the Illuminati Pyramid of Red/White/Blue).

Since you and your people did not act in a positive way to follow the procedures your master Lucifer set forth not only are you liable for discipline from Lucifer so is Lucifer subject to discipline from the Living GOD for violation of his signed obligations.

In other words - the Living GOD is now legally obligated to crush, and destroy, your organizations at will and in HIS time as long as these obligations remain unmet.

Here are the obligations you have ignored:

1) Treasury Form 5444E: This form requests money locked up in my Social Security Funds on the London Stock Exchange - whose number is in red on the back of a Social Security Card. Since this is held by the Federal Reserve System and they refuse to pay - they are going away and most of their employees will be terminated along with their owners. They know too much.

2) VA Waste Fraud and Abuse Forms: Since the VA refuses to pay on these they will be severely cut back during Jade Helm and no one will hire these Ex-VA Employees.

Since the Red Dragon Family now controls the IMF, and they run the VA, they will also be destroyed along with the Chinese Economy. They should have authorized their payments.

Already their economy is faultering.

GOD will not be mocked.

3) US Treasury Forms 211 - since the US Treasury refuses to honor these forms and they are to be destroyed. As the US Treasury Dollar is devalue to 10% of it's original value what is left of the US will switch to the New World Dollar. Those US Treasury employees that survive the coming DC riots will not be hired by any other corporation.

Further - since the Red Dragon Family now controls the US Treasury through the IMF, and since the US Corporation no longer has Veto Power there (Bretton Woods Agreement), the Chinese have thus legally refused to honor these forms. Therefor the Heavy Hand of both Lucifer and GOD will be upon these leaders until they honor their obligations.

4) The $500 Million Dollar Russian Bond filed at Deutch Bank in Florida. Since Deutch Bank is run by the Vatican and they refuse to honor this form, and since they answer to the Vatican Trust, and they answer to the Vatican Council, these organizations (And their leaders) will now have the Heavy Hand of both Lucifer and the Living GOD laid upon them until they honor this bond.

Further - since this is a Russian Bond, and the leaders of Russia refuse to honor this bond, their economy will now faulter and their financial leaders will now be dealt with by both Lucifer and the Living GOD.

Already they are no longer the financial leaders they were meant to be. That has been taken from them.
For Governmental Leaders of China, Russia and Mexico:

If the planned destruction of America does begin 11/12 September 2015 with the Dollar Exchange and the Nukes China has in Syncranous Orbit over America are detonated in March 2016 - leading to the detonation of the Nukes pre-planted by the Fudge Boys of Langley in the sequence we have already described ---- then your planned invasions of America will occur and the Living GOD will then destroy your armies and tear your nations apart just as the Mormon prophesies.

(Can't Post the video until the 16th - I am out of data
To All Governmental Leaders:

When this occurs the members of Parliaments, Congresses, Judges, Ambassadors, Presidents and Industrial Leaders  around the world will run for their luxurious underground shelters. We have seen several of them.

What does a Fascist underground government need with Judges, Congressman, Presidents, Congressional Staff, Industrial Leaders and Intel Agents?

You will be terminated.

Your only hope for survival  lies in arming their own citizens to protect them from the riotous gangs that must ensue following the dollar devaluations and welfare elimination. You must make this all work above the ground and learn to cooperate with each other.

This is your only chance for survival.

This is the Final Round Up - the elimination of Evil and the preparation for the coming of the REAL YESHUA.

Leaders of major nations - you have been found wanting and GOD now has the legal grounds to act.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Sorry I can't track the nuke headed South and East of Indianapolis - out of data.

I ran out of data - the nuke 8 Feb in the Eastern Ukraine went off

I ran out of data - The EMP Tiny Hand Helped Nuke created a minor power outage in DC

Now I am out of data - who know where this nuke will go - good luck White House Staff. You will be receiving another Dirty Bomb that may be a little more intense on top of a memorial soon by the Iranians - out of data, can't post it's where abouts.

Remember 21 April 2028, 21 Sep last year?

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  1. Pray, visualize that THE Lord of the Harvest sends in more workers, because the fields are white and the Harvest is great. And so is Ceres.