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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You Can't Have Another 9/11 CIA

Tomorrow is the 13th Anniversary of the NW) 9/11 kick off to "Permanent War."

Your planned communications Black Out form 2AM through 6PM  tomorrow will also fail --- too many people praying against this.

(Please continue to pray - visualize -
1) GENTLE rains in the American South West
2) Those trying to kill us and destroy Mother Earth are neutralized immediately
3) Peace in Syria and Ukraine)))

Thirteen years ago your CIA orchestrated a disasterous attack on America. An attack that was outlined by a man three months earlier in a letter we showed on Channels 77 and 23. You:

1) Threw a 2 remote controlled jets at the New Yorn Cities World Trade Centers and then blew them down in controlled demolitions.
2) Threw a missile at the Pentagon and climed it was a jet htat went through a 12 foot hole.
3) Crashed a Drone in Pennsylvania and claimed it was a commercial airliner even though there were no wings at the crash site.
40 Took down Building 7 with a controlled demolition.
5) Arrested Victor Bout for selling tons of High Explosives to Marvin Bush that were then used to take down the World Trade Centers. You turned on your suppliers like rats showing your true colors - Black and Evil.

The next day we found 19 of the 20 "Hijackers" in a Mosque in Germany and you freaks in hte FBI and CIA refused to arrest them. It is on Video.

Funny thing is - we all have video cameras today - everyone.

The next day we also found 3 of the 4 Tail Numbers of the Jets involved were still flying commercially.

The entire project was funded by the head of the Luxemburg Banks - a member of the Royal Order of the Garter.

This time too many people know ---- too many people have cell phones ----- too many people will speak up after you do this.

We are all praying that all the evil you now try fails forever more.

We pray that:

1) Those sending out the bombs fail
2) Those sending out the 13 planes at the 13th hour ( 1AM London time) on this 13th anniversary fail at this plot miserably.
3) Those funding this project have their access to these accounts pulled forever.
4) Those planning for WW3 through these planned disasters instead find them selves on the next ship off of Planet Earth.

We do not need these disasters to unify as a Human Race any more - we ARE unified and we want your 9 Evil Ones off this planet immediately and we visualize this - pray that this happens immediately.

We are visualizing that these Evil Ones, and all their minions, fail at everything they do here on Planet Earth from this time forward through all eternity. Get off our planet.

As the earth moves through this Galactic Plane so does the entire solar system. As the Earth expands so does the Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn. We have enough going on without your interference.

As proof the Sun sent off two X-Class flares directly at Planet Earth in the last 2 days and there are more to come.  Further - the Earth is beginning to shake all over as Proton Blasts now begin to reach the Earth, just as GOD said there would be yesterday as proof HE is still in charge.

As for your planned killing of an Obama Double 17 Sep (+-3 Days) by some White Male Extremist who believes in Liberty and Freedom - forget it. We are all aware that it is a planned event and a Set Up.

If any of these occur than we will automatically know it s the CIA and FBI behind it - no matter what you call it: Al Kada, ISIS, ISIL, IS (What is is) Hezbolah, or the Boogie Man.

We know it all leads to the CIA/FBI.

It was, after all, the CIA (Owned by the Queen of England) that re-established the Masonic P-2 Lodge of Rome than now controls the Vatican Bank that make these crimes possible - but we all know about this now ans we are all praying that these crimes cease and those committing them are brought to justice - millions of us are now joining him these prayers nightly.

(Funny - you were told by GOD a dozen times that if you did not meet GODs deadline on 12 June this would continue to accelerate until you did meet his Deadline, so hold on - Stupid CIA/FBI)

And yes - we know about the purge of the Catholic Arch Bishops now occurring across the board. Each Arch Bishop being the Head Banker for the separate Catholic Regions - A Diocese. There are hundreds that will now be brought to justice for their crimes, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Here are just two examples of what is now going on around the Catholic world:

Example 1: The Arch Bishop of Ireland (Recently Fired)  was conducting Human Sacrifices of Human Babies - In Tuam Ireland at a Catholic Orphanage the remains of 800 babies that had been beheaded and hacked up in sacrifices to Lucifer were found in a Cistern a few months ago. They were all sacrificed to Lucifer by the Catholics in a cult called the "Catholic Nine Circle" cult that extends throughout Ireland and into Holland and Belgium.

Too many Video Cameras. You spy - we spy - the truth surfaces.

Example 2: The Roman Pope was recently found guilty of the same crimes in the International Courts in Hague. In addition, he and his primary staff were found guilty of Chind Sex Traficing in a ruling that extends as far away as Argentina and deep into the Catholic Church in Rome.

We all know now and we have unified in Prayer to get rid of this Evil - and we are getting assistance form above.

You can't have your World War 3 CIA/FBI Freaks.

You can't have another 9/11 either now or ever.

Your agents smuggled across the Mexican/Texas Boarder -- we pray they fail at their next attack.

It's over.

China pulls the plug on financing the US in 21 days - you failed to meet the 12 June deadline and are still to arrogant and ignorant to do this so GOD is turning up the heat Bankstas, CIA/FBI. You are really that stupid to ignore this?

Stupid is as stupid does - but one thing is for sure:


Get off our planet with your evil - we are all unified in prayer in this prayer and visualization.
The News You Need To Hear

Dr William B. Mount

One last note you US Cyber Command Bullies trying to destroy these stories: you cowards are too afraid to face me like a Man, and so is the DOD director and your President. You work for Cowards and Sissies,  Gay Boys and Drag Queens. I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Michelle still has an Adams Apple.


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