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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

UN Broadcasts 8 September 2014

Coming to you form the very heart of the United Nations we are giving a summary of two important discussions held both in London and in New York.
Please continue to pray for - Visualize:
1) Gentle Rain in the America South West - it is raining there - you DO make a difference
2) Those who would do us harm to us or Mother Earth either stop these activities or are forced to leave Planet Earth by any means.
3) Before all the US and London Bankers die they do a sGOD has directed them to do 12 June 2014. My guess is they will chose death - that is OK with me. Death or do as GOD has directed
The broadcasts centered on the Virgo Full Moon - the first one since the Planet entered the New Age of Aquarious and began expanding (Through Sonoluminescence).

(((As a side note - the Earth will now shake all over for the next 4-5 days so you know GOD is real and what HE says is real)))

Before we continue is it again good to review the following: There are 12 Dimensions in the Universe. Between each Dimension there are 12 Harmonics.

Each Harmonics vibrates about 10,000 faster than the other harmonics, and so on and so forth up the line. We can only go up to the 8th Harmonics and beyond this matter and energy merge. SO here is a rough idea of what these Harmonics are and what they mean to you.

When the Hindoes (Buhdists) talk about where their Gods are form each one inhabits a higher plane. Gneshu, for existence, hangs out in the 5th Harmonics.

3rd Dimension:

1st Harmonics -Physical Plane - where we are. We vibrate at about 80,000 Khtz. (10/6th Pwr)

2nd Harmonics - Astral Plane. Here is where you go to hang out when doing out of body experiences, where the "Demons" hang out, and where the Cloaked Space Ships hang out. (10/8th Power)

3rd Harmonics: Causal Plane. Here is where out thoughts are and where the Archons and Draconians (demons) actually live. When you think yoru thoughts go here to create things on Planet Earth. So when we pray for rain your thoughts go here and effect the rain patterns in this harmonics. (10/10th Pwr).

Here also is the city of Shamballa and underground cities in the Earth  - Agartha.

4th Harmonics: Akashic Plane - where all Human Thought is stored. Your thoughts also go up into this Harmonics. (10/12th Prw)

5th Harmonics: Mental Plane. Here all thought merges and everything thinks the same way. This is also the frequency where material is grown - Gold, Silver, etc. So you can vibrate a Gold Wire in Hydrogen Peroxide at this frequency (For Example) and literally grow gold. (10/14th Khtz)

6th Harmonics: Messianic Plane. (10/16th Htz)

7th Harmonics: Buddhiac Plane. Here is where Lucifer, Buhda, and the "Higher Gods" hang out --(10/16th Htz)

Beyond this no one seems to reflect on.

We do know that the Angelic Realm is the 5th Dimension (10/54th Htz?)  and Lucifer was thrown out of the 5th Dimensions and now is here vibrating at 10/16 Htz).

When we gather together at the time of the Full Moon the energy on the Earth is very high and we merge jointly to bring down the Higher Energies that will help us all focus on good things happening to us here on Planet Earth.

We draw energy down each full moon we draw it down from the Constallation we are in - today it is the energy from the Constallation of Virgo.

So as a group of about 441 people we merge our thoughts in a sort of "Mass Conciousness" to help this planet.

This ability to link into a group like APFN or the United Nations allows us to make great changes down here in the Material World.

So when you began praying for gentle rain in the American South West - it went up to the 3rd Harmonics and those who will assist us (Angels) heard our Mass Conciousness and are assisting us at this time - and will continue to do so.

When we prayed for Peace in the Ukraine those Angels hear our cries and helped the Ukrainain Soldiers throw their weapons  in mass and surrendered to the Russians - they do not wish to kill their brothers.

The purpose of having the Bankstas pay me all that they owe me is to do exactly what the UN talked about yesterday - create a huge network of people that can focus on helping Planet Earth and thereby throwing out the other species that are causing harm to us and tis planet.

So they will pay me immediately what they owe me (according to their own laws as set forth by GOD)  because the Bankstas will choose to live and if they do Lucifer will not be allowed to touch them, so says the I Am That I Am. Somebody way high up the food chain (Leader of hthe Angelic Realm) is in charge of this one.

Since we all have the ability to Choose - Free Will - I am only allowed to "recommend" they pay - if they do not GOD will kill them - Including the Rockefellars, Rothchids, Windsors, The Pope....... they will do as directed or be destroyed. That us HIS job - the Destruction. I am a mere Messenger.

Once this occurs we can use this medium to act as a center point to heal Planet Earth.

In an odd kind of way the UN Virgo Full Moon states we are our own Gods - meaning that as a group we can focus together.

For Example: Let us now focus on destroying Lucifer's Toys that hold this planet back from moving forward into the next higher plane. these toys need to Blow Up, go away and all Humanity to advance.

DEspite all of the disasters the New World Order is throwing at us - the Ukraine, Ebola, Poisoned GMO Food, Poisoned Water and Air - we need to refocus our minds on what is really important.

Push aside all of these distractions and refocus. Your thoughts control your Aura, and your Aura either attracts or distracts good things.

Abraham Lincoln said: We are about as happy as we make ourselves.

So realize we are here only temporarily and push aside the negative and focus on the positive --- and as a Group coming together almost every evening we can push aside these Negative Thoughts and Beings and come together as a Humans and take control of our own planet.

You ARE part of this. Sitting in your own house YOU are powerful as we focus on these goals that will help Humanity progress.

APFN - Thank You
The News You Want To Hear

Dr William B. Mount

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