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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CIA Stages 14 Missing Planes at Tripoli Airport

After a CIA funded Islamic Takeover of the Tripoli Airport there appear to be some missing airliners.

((Please pray that this plot to crash these planes is foiled immediately)

These include:

1) 7 Airbus 320s
2) 1 Air Bus 330
3) 2 French ATR 42s
4) 4 Bombadier CJ4 900s

Lets see: 7+1+2+4 = 14, not 11 as the original story reads.

So - since each plane has a Black Box do you not think the US DOD knows where each and every plane is at all times?

Since 12 of these are Commercial Airliners do you not think that their where abouts are not known 24/7 and that the CIA and now US State Department have the ability to shut these planes down 24/7?

Look what they did to the Commercial Airliner over Ukraine - were not the Engines in the main fuselage, was the tall dry grass not burning, and were the bodies still in tack and not blown apart - indicating it fell out of the sky?

Do you not think all of these aircraft could not be destroyed using Air To Surface Missiles in what - 5 minutes - if launched form our huge military base in Southern Italy?

Do you not think a US Carrier Group in the Mediterranian Sea carrying 100 Aircraft and 2,500 Marines could not secure this airport in - oh - about 3 minutes?

Do you not think the Huge US Military Base that tried to respond to Ambassador Steven's Death could not have the airpot secured in - what - 5 minutes?

Do you not think an AWAC plane out of Italy could shut down every electronic piece of equipment in - oh - 60 seconds?

Do you not think the HUGE US base in Italy could take out the Power Station supplying the airport with power in - oh - about 5 minutes and thus prevent the planes form taking off because they had no Control Tower?

Could not the X-37ZB or an X33 drop a Compressed Titanium Rod on the airport in - oh - 5 minutes completely destroying the airport in about - oh 17 minutes?

What about the Compressed Titanium Rod in London at the US Airbase that could reach Moscow in 7 Seconds - could they not be targeted to the Tripoli airport and destroy it in - oh - 60 seconds?

Does: "From The Halls Of Montezuma To The Shores of Tripoli" mean anything to the Fascist Pigs in the White House at this moment?

Did tonight's Wall Street Journal not have this story already written and printed before these planes were seized by the CIA operating in Tripoli?

Do these Fascist Pigs in London not know that we as Americans can figure this out?

(((Please focus with me - pray hard - that these Fascist Pigs who set this up become violently sick for the rest of their lives and that all involved in this scam also get violently sick forever.)))

They simply plan to fly these into 7 European Cities, Jerusalem, and 6 US Cities on 9/11 using US made Nuclear Dirty Bombs to spread their new airborne modified Ebola.

We simply need to pray that all the Demons (ETs) involved in this scam get violently sick when near, or on, planet Earth.

If we pray - Visualize Hard - we will beat these Fascist Pigs back into the hole they crawled out of: so says the King of Kings ad Lord of Lords, who was and is and is to come.

APFN - Sorry about the two stories in one day but this is kind of important.

These Fascist Pigs want this World War.

These Pigs in Rome have ordered the Bauers in Frankfurt, who ordered the Rothchilds in London who then ordered the Jesuit Scum in the CIA ((Owned by the Queen of England)) to take these planes and use them to create WW3. They are Sadistical Lucifarians who need to get sick when on, or near, Planet Earth --- both them and their demons.

In fact we need to visualize  ((Pray for)) them to simply dissolve into thin air.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

11 Commercial Airliners Missing after Islamists takeover Libyan Airport: Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11

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