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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Afghan President's Farewell Speech

A few hours ago President Karzai gave his farewell speech as he leaves the presidency of Afghanistan.

(((((Please Visualize (Pray For) Peace in the Ukraine and Syria, Gentle rain in the American South West including California, and that the Sacramento River Water is again released to flow into southern California.)))))

In the speech the Retireing President made the following comments:

1) "America did not want peace for Afghanistan becauseit had it's own agendas and goals here."

2) "I want ot thank those countries that genuinely supported us.......Western countries had hteir personal interests.....the western countries and hte United States had hteir own personal goals."

3) The President refused to sign a Bilateral Defense Agreement allowing US Troops to remain in Afghanistan after the end of 2014. Legally these US Corporate troops must leave.

4) President Karzia blamed American for their inability to start meaningful peace talks with the Taliban.

5) "I believe the stability of Afghanistan is directly related to the United states and Pakistan.... This war is for the personal interest of the foreign policies of others and this is a fight of outsiders in which Afghans were sacrificed."
Keep in mind Opium Production went up 10 times (1000%) after the US invaded Afghanistan and Americans use 80% of the worlds Pain Killers AND Anti Depressants (LSD Derivatives) due to the GMO fed to us.
We Warned the World White Dragons:

1) We told the world about an Arms Dealer selling weapon to both sides in Iraq in January - no one listend or even came to talk to me. Now we have a war there - DUH.

As a final note: Syria did NOT approve the US air strikes inside Syria and in fact Israel shot down a Syrian Fighter Jet In Syria today.

2) We stated here on APFN that due to the stupidity and laziness of the CIA and FBI that the Nigerian Government would collapse due to their Internet Scams - and they are using Ukrainian Banks. Well - here we are geniuses.

White Dragons nothing will change until you force these players to pay back what they owe. If you do not understand come talk to me ---- or watch it all fly out of control. Can't you figure that out already?

The News You Need To Know

Dr William B. Mount

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