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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Cure For Autism Update 14

As you may recall we have walked 202 children out of autism to the point where the kids can go back to High School and complete their degree.

(Please pray that this story dgoes Viral among parents with Autism and that they follow these procedures we outline today. It worked in 202 out of 202 children, and for gentle rains in the South Western usA)

The Cure Definition - you create a situation in your body where it heals itself.
Here are the steps to Cure Autism:

1) Eat NO wheat, Cow Dairy or Canola Oil.

2) Eat no chemicals - like MSG, Diulegualamtate, Propylene Glycol,  Bla Bla Bla.

3) No sweetners except Stevia and Xyletol to harder their teeth.

4) No Artificial Anything - like Food Coloring made of Oil.

5) Eat Daily: 15 drops of Immusist per day - start with 1-2 drops per day and work up.

6) Eat Sea Weed. I think one ounce per week per person is a good start. Vary the types.

This will cure Ebola (Use 45 drops per day), Cancer, HIV, reverse stroke damage, regrow alomst dead kidneys and livers and pancreases, reverse diabetes..........and every other malady we have used it on except Nano Chips like Morgellon's Diseaase.

For Morgellon's Disease  we wear magnets to confuse these little man made bugs and we use a foot bath (Ion Cleans) to pull them out of out bodies.
Back to the story - as you recall we have been tracking two children with Autism.

In this case the now 12 year old Little Girl is the daughter of a Doctor. We introduced her mom to Immusist 18 months ago when the child was able to speak or even look someone in the eyes or ride a bike.

Within a month she began to speak and ride a bicycle - 15 drops per day.

Last weekend her neighbor was having a party and had set up a huge Water Slide. The Little Girl asked her mom if she could go over and play with the neighbor kids.

1) She then dressed herself and put on a bathing suit and they went over to play.

2) Before crossing the street she looked both ways for cars.

3) She talked with the neighbor children.

4) She waited her turn in line.

5) She went up the ladder by herself.

6) She slid down the water slide by herself.

7) She got in line again and did it again all by herself.

8) She actually led her little brother and taught him how to do it.

9) She came home and showered herself without help.

10) She put her bathing suit in the clothes hamper all by her little self.

11) The she came down for dinner.

Not bad for an incurable nonfunctioning autistic child.

Total cost to the mom per month: About $30 per month.
APFN: Isn't it great to be part of something great?

The News You Must Hear

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian
Russian Bishop, Orthodox Church, St Petersburg, Russia.
Cpt (Ret) USA

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