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Monday, July 14, 2014

UN Broadcasts 11 -12 June 2014

Coming to you from the heart of the United Nations it's latest two broadcasts. 

This is how the World leaders think and react so it is extremely important to YOU to learn, and understand, that is about to happen to YOU.

(Pray that the GOD gives you direction. If you own a TV - then you will never be able to understand)

The gatherings are always held on, or around, a full moon. The intent is to unify the groups during this time of High energies streaming onto the Earth - not just from the sun but from the moon as well. Apparently the Moon has energy that is different that the sun.

Cancer is a time of Rebirth. It is said that GOD breathed life into man during Cancer.

So during this Full Moon of Cancer we are to present our wished up and see how they manifest themselves here in the Lower Plane - the Physical Plane.

With what is now going on with the Financial System we are seeing a Rebirth of the entire Global Financial System and a rebirth of America and the Western Economic System - not based on buying everything in sight - one where we live in smaller houses - consuming less. In other words - economic and social change in a huge way here in the west.

A city the UN uses as an example is Shangrigard India. Here in this city the living areas were designed to maximize space - tiny individual living areas designed around large communal living areas. In other words - sharing spaces with many, many families.

The city was also built to incorporate art work to stimulate Enlightenment (OBEs) and teach us that in this material world we are here only for a short time and we must give up our desires for material goods and reach out towards the higher planes of existence.

We mus learn to Meditate and give up out Monkey Mind. We are imprisoned by our own loneliness and  must meditate and learn to climb into the higher planes. We must break away form the Mass Conciousness and realize all life forms are sacred.

We also have a responsibility to help lower life forms - plants, cats, beetles... to climb this spiritual hierarchy.

There are three stages of conciousness:

1) Mental Group Fusion with the New World Servers
2) Fusion with the Spiritual Hierarchy - Great White Spirits of Asheron (Ahsera) of the Bohemian Grove
3) Unification with the great vastness of space

We must now experience a Group Rebirth together and reach up into the harmonics realizing that while we are here on Earth we must live a simple life free of material goods.

Again - during Cancer our thoughts are manifested here on the Material Plane.
Please take from this broadcast what you desire.

I would like to thank the UN for allowing me into the two broadcasts for this month.

One last note - there are huge chances on the horizon and they begin today (((The First Cancer in the Age of Aquarious))) - Now - so batten down the hatches and look up for help because what is coming will hit fast and furiously. May I suggest wearing a magnet - more to come later on this.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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