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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The World Is Waking Up


Seven years ago when I stood in front of Pres Putin's Staff and told them that there were 350 Nukes in Iran built under the Atoms For Peace Program for the Shah of Iran I stood alone.  Fortunately for me not only had they verified what I had said before I even left America they already had plans to seize these weapons.

Six years ago when I stood before a TV Camera and showed Operation evolution and shared with thousands that this is the US plan to terminate Surface Dwellers I stood alone.

In November 2009  when I raised my hands on TV and said the Living GOD will now make the sun break out with Sun Spots to get your attention, and it happened within a few minutes, I stood alone. I thank GOD my producer, Dr Will Wilson and his assistant Kieth Ljunghammer, stood by me.

When I wrote that St Petersburg (Russia) would have a population of 0 in 10 years and Russia will shake to verify this - within minutes an earthquake started in central Russia that lasted for 10 hours - it was a 4.2 quake - I stood alone.

Today the truth is breaking out everywhere, in books, on the net, on the radio, etc...

People like George Noory and others are leading the charge, but they are still few and far between.

Not in the Main Street Press though - they still lie. Yesterday  I looked at yesterdays Wall street Journal showing a burned out house in Africa (Except the roofing metal has no burn marks on them), The Economist with a Muslim standing in the desert (Barefoot and there are no foot prints in the sand) and look and the pictures of the 3 dead Israeli children wrapped in the Jewish Flag (Plastic heads, no bodies) and realize all these photos and fake - a lie - and allot of the world is waking up to this fact.

Today on Sorcha there is an article describing the German Intel Geeks chasing nukes headed for Europe for a False Flag Detonation 28 July.

After the Nuke was found under a bridge in London on the 4th Europe woke up.

There are actually 7 US Corporate Nukes (Old Russian Nukes) headed for the 7 major cities in Europe and detonation time was originally set for 21 July (7AM), and one is again headed for Wall Street and Water Street.

The 7 cities targeted in Europe are: Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Naples (Not Rome), Prague, and 2 others that escape me - sorry Europe.

Simultaneously Greece will be taken down financially by the IMF at 7AM London Time.

The beauty of this is we can now all focus on - pray that - these folks trying to kill us are unsuccessful.

The world is also waking up to the Illuminati's Number Game as well.

Do you not find is strange that on the 7th day of the 7th month of a 7 year (2+1+4 = 7) we exposed the 7th Hit Attempt on Putin (Again, another in 7 hours) and the 70th Hit Attempt on Obama (Tomorrow Morning at 7AM all will be set) in the 7th year after I got involved in politics and the 77 attempt to conduct a false flag in the 7th month in a 7 year exposed by a man who has been a Russian Orthodox Bishop for about 7 years?


That's allot of 7s.!

A note to Governor Rick Perry - the Texas Rangers are nor sold out - get them to change the President's Rout tomorrow - DHS wants an Obama Double dead.

The following video was sent to me by an APFN reader and I was asked to post it. It really describes how we all feel by the US Corporate Government - betrayed.

In Vietnam we thought we were doing good for the people.

In Iraq we thought we were fighting for freedom

What we have learned is that we are merely corporate pawns.

"The Video is: A Cosmic Housecleaning is Going On"

The day before he released the video Lucifer's Kingdom began to fall apart - splinter.

One last note - we are getting calls form folkjs all over the country.

They have worked hard all their lives and have not only lost them they have become very sick.

They go to the doctor and take their pills and get even sicker.

Their boys usually join the military and come back sick and the VA laughs at them.

They are desperate and sick and they are beginning to wake up, turning to GOD for help.

Then they call me asking how to get better so I say go to:


Do not eat Wheat, Dairy and Canola Oil and chemicals like MSG and Aspertane, go organic and eat Immusist and Sea Weed.

The ones that listen slowly get better, the ones that do not listen get sicker.
APFN - thank you for allowing so many people to release their emotions and spill their guts - once they release this they can live normal lives.

For all those who do write how they feel on APFN - thank you.

From one vet to another - thank you.

Dr William B. Mount

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