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Monday, July 14, 2014

Six Zeroes Strikes Hard

Six Zeroes Strikes Hard

(Please pray that those planning your death are killed)

Six Zeroes has apparently stuck harder than was expected.

Missing the 12 June 2014 deadline by the IMF was the last straw. As you read this 177 nations are currently in Brazilia signing a the last set of documents concerning the world banking system - 70 years to the day for the initiation of the US dollar as the World's Reserve Currency.

CME is now taking over world Heavy Metals Prices but wil;l soon be outpaced by the Metal's Market in Singapore.

Remember - the Rothchilds have 4 HQs: Paris, NY City, Singapore and a roving one. As stated earlier on APFN/PRAVDA and TV the primary world currency and banking system will move to Singapore as the America is killed by it's leaders, per the Jesuit Interview with Hanz Kovlenback, 4/15/00. The wars will be used to kill Americans.

So it appears that the assassinations on the Western Bankstas has accelerated - they now kill entire families routinely and since JP Morgan has $180 Billion Dollars in Life Insurance on it's Key Players - they are dying first what a cash cow for JP Morgan. The Major Insurance Companies are all insured by guess who - YOU - the Tax Payer.More money from YOU to the murdering Bankstas.

Dead men tell no tales.

It also appears, like Jamie Dimon - head of JP Morgan - many are being given cancer so as to die slowly and suffer. This is Lucifer's way - a taste of times to come for his loyal followers.

If you read Benjamin Fulford's Blogs it appears that those who funded Hitler - the Warburgs (WARburgs) - are also dying at an alarming rate. 12 June - you missed it. Too bad, too sad, touche'.

Daddy Warbucks - little Orphan Annie - this play was written  to make this murdering fiend appear like a National Hero.

For those who bash Benjamin - stop. He does a great job with the news. OK - a little crass and rude - but he is a very good reporter and I like him.

One last thing - all over Europe the Child Molesters in High Places are going down - finally - like the French President Sarkosy. and Tony Blair - we shall see how far it goes.

For You Intel Geeks:

More Bankstas to die, which will cause huge instabilities in the Western Banking System, and the Dollar to fall horribly.

You have ignored GOD's Messenger long enough - I/ Fr/UK/US/aU/ Union - it is time for your toys to break, so says the I Am That I Am.

What toys?

If I told you  - you would throw a childish Temper Tantrum and never learn. You should have come.You have my number. Your leaders may be next.

This 20 July Reset will go very badly for you.

Stupid is as Stupid does US Intel Groups.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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