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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

IMF - Dogs of War, China to Start It's Own IMF

As you recall we have Cried Havoc and allowed the Living GOD to release the Dogs of War against the IMF. They have stolen your money, are destroying your nation and turn about s fair play.

(Please pray - Visualize - that they give you your nation back and your money back and go down in flames immediately without being able to start WW3.)

Today China announced it will begin fully funding a bank almost identical to the IMF called the "Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank." - the AIIB.

The funds decided upon are $100 Billion and these billions will be backed by Gold and Silver. It will set the IMF on it's heels.

The real story will be revealed during the BRIC summit 14-16 July. Representatives form around the world will be hosted to kick off several BRIC financial Systems that go on line next month. If the US or the Rothchilds even think about the bomb they are planing to bring into the building next to the one these representatives will be in all He...... will break out in DC and London and New York City.

Since the Idiot Governor of New York disarmed it's citizens there will be no one to stop these terrorist that are about to target Wall Street and Water Street.

Just a note about China: When Stalin met with Church Hill and Roosevelt in Yalta in WW2 they had a picture taken and hung on the wall - Been there done that. China was not represented - a huge error.

When I was looking at the display the Chinese Ambassador's Father was there and so as an Ambassador we had a great time. We  waited until the Ukrainian Guard Left posted guards at the two large doors in the room and snuck his father into the display and got allot of pictures of him on hte famous chair and standing in the picture. We took pictures of his entire family in the picture as well and continued to take pictures until we saw her coming back.

This was apparently very important to the Chinese folks I net there at the time and although we had fun it was a very serious moment. The Chinese Ambassador's Father had been in WW2 and suffered the disgrace and indignities of being left out of the overall planning for the war.

It was also very important for the Chinese to realize many Americans find this disgraceful that the Chinese were not consulted on the war effort by Churchill, Stalin or Roosevelt.

I am sure that somewhere in the large Chinese Embassy in Kiev hangs a picture of the Ambassador's Father standing as if he was part of the conference way back in WW2 and I am very happy to have helped.

So now the Chinese will have their day as they start a bank half way around the world that should rival the IMF.

IMF - When GOD sets a deadline maybe your directors should have listened?

12 June -- should have listened. tomorrow the news will get worse -- arrogant, stupid, .....

Like many stories - this a story was brought to you by a friend.

Many folks wish to be heard on APFN but are afraid - so I post THEIR ideas and stories. Thank you APFN for letting them be heard.
 For You Wipped Wipp's Folks

WIPP weapons will not be available for any False Flags for the forseeable future after their recent "Earthquakes." Ya think?

You will have to draw form the Virginia Navy Base for Stealth Ships for these weapons.

Sorry - you should have listened.

As for the 65,000 children with incurable diseases the President is using to infect our soldiers with and Eric Holder will use to bring in another 10 Million Illegal aliens - does our DOD Chief of Staff, ED Dempsey, still have No Gonads?

GOD is about to turn these cowards and transvestites on their heads.


The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount.

Be careful with the link - US Army Cyber Command has loaded it up with viruses.

Let Loose the Dogs of War;_ylt=AhAdj5Cjqa8zSLyVmfzgclObvZx4?p=BATTLE+HYMN+OF+THE+REPUBLIC&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=hp-avast&type=avastbcl

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