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Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Attempt on Obama - Yawn Yawn

Yes - the CIA has coordinated yet another attempt on an Obama Double - yawn, yawn.

(Please pray that this too falls apart)

During the last attempt Obama missed his speech on the 4th in Arlington and instead declared himself Dictator

"Idle Hands are the Devils Workshop."

So now an Obama Double is planed to fly into Austin Texas and give a speech and order DHS to kill the American Militia currently on the boarder trying to stop 100,000 more sick immigrants from flooding into this country and infecting, and killing, yet more Americans.

Well - he should land either morning or afternoon, go to his hotel, use some Cocaine, party and stay yup half the night, wake up late the next day and travel to meet with DHS.

At this point there are three Snipers (JFK all over again) and get popped by some Jesuit Scum who is paid by the CIA. DHS will ensure the rout is open enough to kill him.

At that point - after 3 shots are fired - a "Lone Gunman" that looks allot like the JFK Shooter Oswald (Now on the CIA Wall Of Fame) will be brought to justice and then "Killed" (Fake) and then he will be described as a Military Veteran White Male Survivalist Neo NAZI bla bla bla, riots break out, and the 14,000 Russian troops now in Fort Carson and 15,000 other Russian Troops will man the DHS vehicles and declare Marshal Law.

Same garbage, different day.

Kill hte Jesuits and you get your nation back, your money back, your wife back, your truck back......

The New kicker to this is the CIA (Oops Russian, I forgot to lie) created Virus now destroying the Power Grid in the USA should begin to work by Friday - and take down the grid for 90 days.

Just remember - the gal who planned this, former SS Commander (DHS) lives the Chancellor at UC Berkeley and lives on campus - so she cannot hide.

Video: Dragon Fly Virus Strikes US Power Plants. They Admit They Can't Stop It.

Red Alert!!!Sgt Major Dan Page The Truth Of America's Future. Wake Up!!!
A Message to the Intel Groups

Your allies are weak and about to be disrupted terribly. The Living GOD will take them down.

Keep up trying to destroy America DHS and CIA - you are absolute scum and now it is pay back time, so says hte Living GOD - and I mean GOD - not your Lucifer Puke and his tiny allies. You chose the wrong allies, stupid is as stupid does.

Further - you missed the 12 June deadline - that was really stupid.

APFN - You ask me why I endeavour to save Obama's Life, a Fascist Pig married to a Drag Queen.

Because it is the right thing to do - although I question GOD daily on this. I suppose if Obama wished to live he would assist me - but he is only a puppet in a box who is completely controlled like a marionette. So after this what happens happens.

There is also another attempt on Putin by the same folks in Moscow - Simultaneous Assassinations are planned to try and torch off a Major World War, claiming the snipers were again White Male US Vets who are survivalists living in Northern Idaho.

Same stuff, different day - but these CIA/DHS Jesuit Agents are dangerous and suicidal - believing in sacrificing themselves for the mighty Lucifer.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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