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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Six Zeroes Come Home To Roost

Before we begin please focus on the idea - pray with me - that those attacking APFN are immobilized and cannot do it any more.

As we begin discussing the coming Nuclear War we must first understand what a "Petro-Dollar" is. This was explained to me by a former Director of the CIA: The Petro Dollar is measured in the Federal Reserve Notes (US Dollars) necessary to by a 45 gallon barrel of oil.

Current Petro Dollar is worth $15.

Current Speculative cost of a Barrel of Oil is around $107.3 for Brent Crude Oil.

The coming war was set up years ago and is proceeding as planned - with the exception of the fact that most of NATO does not want anything to do with the sanctions placed on Russia.

Just a few hours ago both Germany and Switzerland told the "I F/UK/US U nion" to get lost.

This means that there are about 10 nations that stand against the world - so be it.

Poland just called up there reserves.

Russia is currently conducting military drills in Moldovia and Serbia, as well as near Arch Angel. Their Submarine Fleet is also fully deployed.

Turkey this morning sent in large "UN" convoys to help kill Syrian Military Personnel. There were about as many "Band Aids and Medical Supplies" on those convoys as I have in my truck.

The Chinese and Japanese - Black and Golden Dragon Societies are still undecided but my guess is that most of the BRIC nations will stand together.

seven Years Ago I talked about this coming war at THIS TIME.

The seven year cycle of warning the world is over.

I am only a messenger from the Living GOD. I am the lowest ranked individual there is. I only deliver messages.

While we are fixated on watching some films about a lost plane, fighting amongst ourselves over whether or not Sorcha is correct (Their Video of the lost plane was altered purposely - watch it closely, no object darting across the screen). SO be very careful when quoting them. I love their reporting ---- but sometimes they alter the facts just a bit.

Russia is stirring up this war as well. In the latest developments in Iran they are planning on building TWO new Nuke Plants to generate power near Tehran.

Knowing what is posted on You tube about water powered cars and other alternate energy forms they are just as culpable in the creation of this coming Nuclear War.

Please focus with me - pray - that Lucifer fails to start this Nuclear World War and there Six Zeroes are satisfied or our entire financial system will fall, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED - not by Obama or by Putin.

For your understanding of what is occurring, following is a video clearly showing an alternate form of energy,one of dozens we have talked about here on APFN.

Following is a Video showing the burning of Sea Water to get Free Energy:

This is a made up war and it's issues are also made up and we are the victims because we are too easily deceived and too lazy to stop it.
For You Intel Geeks

First - your HQ is targeted in this coming war, and you can kiss the underground bases you have by by as well. I really hope you like Well done Intel Geeks. Not kidding - GOD says you are the first to go because you did so little to help stop it --- if it kicks off in April. You should have helped when you could have.

This means YOU CIA and Naval Intel.

As for Fort Langley, the Pentagon, Fort Belvior and San Diego Underground Bases - have you made out your wills?

Bunker Busters and Wood Pecker Frequencies?

You are all sitting Ducks if YOU let this happen.

Second - Pres Obama just stated he is more worried about a Nuke going off in Manhattan than the Russians.

If you would help a little bit we might just be able to stop the next one form Coming Into Manhattan. We have stopped - what - A dozen from being detonated in Manhattan in the last 7 years?

President Obama - if you Value Manhattan you will Satisfy the Six Zeroes or the Living GOD may not be so merciful next time. It is HIS call.
You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B Mount


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