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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Cure For Autism Update 13

We have established that through the use of Immusist and Sea Weed most diseases - including Autism - begin to subside.

When you stop eating garbage Monsanto Foods (Canola Oil, Wheat, Soy Stuff, Sugar, Dairy, Cashews) and eat good stuff your body does better.

Adding Immusist and Sea Weed really kicks your body into a healing mode.


One of the most horrible things we find is that after giving your child a Vaccination you have a hard time accepting that you just made your child Stupid and often times it moves into Autism.

The behavior of a young child made autistic is very much different than a normal child.

In the case of one child we have been following for years the child was number two.

The Mom had child one at 25, child two at 27 and the third at 30 years of age.

The second child (Autistic One) reacted much differently than number one. She could not speak, had problems eating, and she could barely walk at 3 years of age.

The father refused to admit his child was Autistic.

When Number 3 was born the Autistic Child (#2) would cry every time Number 3 cried - only she would really let loose. The Third Child would cry a little bit for a bottle at about 10PM and then go to sleep after eating -- unfortunately the Autistic Child would cry for 2-3 hours after the other child began crying.

This type of crying kept the entire family up until after 1Am every night.

When the Autistic child would cry the Father would march into the bedroom and show the child who was boss and would begin beating the child to shut her up. It did not work but he continued to try.

The mother - horrified - would grab the youngest child and as she fed him on the bottle she would stand between the father and the Autistic Child to prevent this beating from happening.

The mother got hit quite often. She had the physical strength to flatten her husband but tried to "keep it together."

This went on for about three years and day after day the mother stood guard over the Autistic Child.

This kind of behavior is very common in a family with an Autistic Child.

This is what the vaccination companies have done to the American Family Structure.

Today the relationship between the Father and Mother is - shall we say - very strained at best.

The Good side of this story is that the Autistic Child is progressing at an incredible rate and we are all now very proud of this mother and the Autistic Child was never really beaten thanks to the mom.

If this has happened in your family please realize that you are normal and that there is NO excuse for a father to behave like this.

Realizing that this is normal behavior does not excuse it but somehow make it kind of OK, sort of.

Please APFN - pray that the Vaccine Industry (((Lucifer's Exclusive Little Needle Pusher))) goes down and stops killing people and destroying lives.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount


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