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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Cure For Athesma and Erectile Disfunction

((Please visualize - pray - that as you read this people all over the word receive and understand this information and that Lucifer's plan to destroy us through sickness is stopped immediately.)))

For those of us who have Athesma life revolves around an inhaler. We are hooked, we can not leave home without one or the consequences could be severe.

My Athesma came on as a direct result of being exposed to the Gulf War Nuclear/Chemical and Biological weapons.

When I leave my home town Tacoma and travel in the Mountains my Athesma goes away - but thanks to the Joy Boys of the FBI I am stick here breathing in the Toxic Waste products the Lumber Mill burns between midnight and 4AM. When they dump really toxic chemicals into the bay or burn really toxic stuff my Athesma gets pretty bad.

SO hwo do you "Get Over" Athesma?

Well - First - we changed out eating habits. We have eliminated:

1) Wheat - almost all GMO now.
2) Dairy Products
3) Cashews - which apparently are loaded with toxins.

We eat what we discuss in: APFN THE CURE FOR CANCER UPDATE 4

To this end I have lost almost 70 pounds - that's allot of fat.

Finally - we began rubbing our hands with about 6 drops of Uncle Harry's Pure Natural Oils for breathing - an "Essential Oil." The oil contains mainly Pine, Eucalyptus and Peppermint Oils.

after 3 days my Athesma began to leave me.

So - since we have a mini farm and I get bit by lots of bugs we also began rubbing ourselves down with Elizabeth Essentials Bog Be Gone Essential Oils.

After 3 days the bugs stopped biting me.

So every night I rub 4-6 drops of Bug Be Gone and Uncle Harry's Breathing Oil on my hands and no more bug bites and my use of inhalers is down by 90%.

GUY - do not go to the bathroom immediately after using the Oils or your "General Will Stand Up And Salute."

I suppose if you have Erectile Disfunction this is not a bad thing, right?

So I suppose you could say this cures ED?

I will leave the rest to your imagination.

So for about $20 a month no more Bug Bites and no more Athesma - Hallalujah - and I suppose no more ED.

My wife is very happy with these new discoveries.

Thank you for reading - you heard this first on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount
1-888-575-0272, but that may change soon.

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