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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Greatest Rope A Dope In History


For almost almost a two and a half centuries the English financial leaders (Rothchilds - Bauers) have led their armies around the world to destroy and conquer and take control of every asset the world has. Through treaties, double crosses, and all sorts of shinanigans they have taken control of everything.

The world is tired of their wars, slavery and control of even the land on which they stand.

Today this financial order in London is on the verge of falling apart and their leader Lucifer looses control of every aspect of this New World Order.

As we read this we will be praying (Visualizing) that every aspect of his empire comes unglued - from the financial mess to the manufacturing of genetically modified foods.

What you are about to read is true - and shocking.
1) First - in a few days the US Corporation will need to come up with an enormous amount of gold to satisfy it's creditors ofr find itself back in bankruptcy. To do this Dumb Dumb John Kerry is traveling around the world to rounfd up this godd.

In the mean time - the US Treasury is busy manufacturing Gold Coins and and Bullion made of Tungsten htat is gold coated and Silver made of a special Iron Allow to mimic silver.
2) Second - the Bank all across America have been busy with the FBI cooking their books. This is why the head of Frank Russel was killed - his outfit was dispersed throughout the banks to cooks these books and make America appear strong to the rest of the world. If you are high up in a bank and not part of their "Book Cooking Team" and a member of their Luciafarian Cult you are about to be fired.

The real kicker here is that these Bankstas and FBI Pukes are illegally adding money to their own accounts ans they Cook Their Own Bank Books.

This is apparently common in America as there is no Federal Budget. Here are some examples.

a) I watched a boss in the Army add a zero to an account to carpet an office.

b) I spent the day with an Officer who worked for the Air Force and they routinely add zeores to accounts to keep out fighters flying.

c) I went in to a local bank to cash a thousand dollar check and they told me they just moved $50,000 out of their bank and the safe was empty --- so I made a comment about some really nasty looking FBI freaks that appeared to be standing there - we walked outside and he laughed when I said I would trust the mob more than the FBI thieves and liars -- the Italian MOB has honor. He was Italian, slicked back hair, and  the bank manager.

d) When Washington Mutual was operational they processed all incoming drugs from South East Asia and Carl Sanders ( developed the Verachip to move these drugs effectively. When they closed all branches and vaults had to be torn apart to remove listening devices and explosives.

e) As far back as the American Civil War the US has been printing money to pay for things. It just got really bad when we added computers to the mix.

f) When the computers first came out for banking back in 1978 I went to my bank: "Lafayette Federal Savings and Loan" and they took my savings account book and entered the amount in the book into the bank's computer data base. Apparently the entire data base was destroyed and they just made up a new data base based on what they thought you should have in your account.

g) This type of "Bank  Book Cooking" has been going on for many years but now there is an added twist: The FBI and other corporations are in charge and are raping the American people for all they can get through the banks.

Washington Mutual  had gotten too big and had become unmanageable.
3) All Federal retirements are now being sold around the world by Dumb Dumb John Kerry to get this False Gold.

USC 5, Sec 103 states the US does not have control of the retirement programs for Corporations like the SEC, FDA, DOD, VA, OCC, and a thousand other "IMF Owned Private Corporations operating on American Soil - yet he is busy selling their retirement programs to other nations for gold.

The US Corporation only legally controls Homeland Security and  the US State Department.

He is illegally writing treaties between corporations (????Treaties between corporations?????) to give these assets away - sell them.

This means NO MORE Federal Retirement of any kind in the US.

If any of this is true we are so screwed as a nation.

Sold out by Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama with the final blow form a Dumb Dumb like John Kerry.

4) All IRA and 401K retirement programs are currently being switched out to US Bonds so if the Federal Reserve declares bankruptcy you have nothing but Social Security to live on and there is not a dawn thing you can do about it.

Welcome to the New World Order Slave.
This is the biggest Rope a Dope in the world.
Please pray that Lucifer fails in these attempts.

Plastic in our bread - GMO food killing us the air sprayed with crap, poison in our water, and even the visitors form light years away are now poisoned and unless they come forward will soon go extinct.

Pray that Lucifer looses.
You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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