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Thursday, February 6, 2014

It Has Begun

As you read this please visualize (Pray) that these plans currently being put forth by Lucifer and his minions fail miserably.

It has begun.

1) The market in Germany took a nose dive this morning,

2) The agricultural crops are failing around the World

3) The nations of Egypt, Ukraine, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, and many others the US.UK.French have invaded are falling apart.

4) The Euro Nation's Monetary system is in ermoil without the addition of the Ukraine's Credit and is now shows up all across the stock markets.

5) There is a threat to kill Obama 17 March - something about forcing down Air Force 1, he needs to go not to Air Force 2 but Air Force 3 when he takes his trip 17 March or stay home - but not in DC. Since these Morons are so ungrateful at the top GOD may just let GOD kill the entire bunch in DC and in New York, and several other major cities if they remain ungrateful and all their technology is will be proven useless. Those who are planning this have decided not to wait until 4 April - they figure: why wait when Pres Obama wants all Americans dead?

I wish you luck in researching the following article because Google has screwed it up pretty badly.

Pray also (visualize) that Lucifer and his minions stop screwing up the Internet.

The UN teaches that if we all visualize these tings then Lucifer and his minions will be unable to continue to destroy Planet Earth.
For You Intel Geeks

On, or about,  17 March (+-3 Days) Pres Obama and his staff are planning a trip. He needs to either be out of DC on the current Air Force 3 or leave through the underground train to somewhere - but not their Underground Capitol in Denver.

Something about the Environmental Controls on the current Air Force 1. Through this channel the landing gear,temperature, Air Flow - all can be controlled remotely. Your idiot Boeing engineers contracted out the electronics to a sun contractor of a subcontractor and they kept a small control chip in Air Force One.

You will never learn. The VA still sells Active Duty military records around the world.

In fact - the VA now has a Deployment  Office in every hospital.

The leaders of the US are - well - powerful but treasonous to the point of Stupid.

A Nuclear Destruction of Planet Earth means destruction clear into the 3rd Dimension, 4th Harmonics.
Your Prayers (Visualizations) will now make the difference.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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