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Saturday, January 11, 2014


The following is a summary of US Policy Under President Bush and Obama under US Contincency Plan 8010-09. This has been updated under US CONPLAN 8010-12 and signed by a ROBO PEN while Obama was playing golf. 

We also showed this  plan on Channels 77 and 23 Seattle rather recently and is part of FCC record.

Following is the reference:


US CONPLAN 8010-09, as amended in US CONPLAN 8010-12, as echoed in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

"The US will Reserve First Strike Option on a Family of Nations, to include Russia, Syria, Iran, China and North Korea."

In other words - there is a plan in place to be used in case a war gets out of hand to utterly destroy this "Family of Nations."

The Environmental Impact Statements have been completed and are stored in the underground base in Denver. These Idiots actually took my recommendation and wrote them.

Remember what Despots (Nazi's) do:

1) Assassinate Opposition - we see this worldwide by the CIA.
2) Register Weapons.
3) Confiscate Weapons.
4) Massive War - this case - Nuclear.
5) Annihilation of Congress and Judges.

The Vatican has ordered today the next go around for a Nuclear War is in Late March/Early April. The plan is for the US to kill all opposition - to increase assassinations world wide - anger lots of leaders - then start this war.

We must be at step 3 above.

The Next window to kill an Obama Look Alike is 29 March.

By the way - as we stated a month ago - the Obama that took office has the wart on the left side of his nose and one under his left eye. The Original one (Wart Left Side of Nose, Wart under Right Eye) is still in China in a Hospital - but he is improving.

Sorry about the last News Story - but often times while writing these stories someone in Allied Signal Group enters my computer and starts to mess with it and I have go go ASAP.

Diplomatic Immunity does not work for computers and as of yet the Russians have not honored the Passports Putin's Staff gave me.

As for the Aliens - if they are real - they are letting our economy collapse and are leading us into Nuclear War - so if you see one - they apparently mean us harm -- destroy them by any and all means.

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