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Thursday, January 16, 2014


For those of you new to this - I currently listen to the internal broadcasts of the UN twice a month and there are usually 4-6 extra festivals through out the year. I then summarize these broadcasts for you to read.

The hardest hing about journalism is to put away personal bias and report in a fair and balanced way on a news story. I have been criticized by all sides for these stories but I will again give a fair report on what the World Leaders are now being taught.

As a side light - my hopes were that APFN could generate revenue because they now host two writers who's names have topped 1 Billion Hits ion the internet.

I would also like to thank those members of the Arcane School who have trusted me with their most precious knowledge. I promise you I will report on your broadcasts without my own personal bias and to the best of my ability in an honest manner.

Now the US broadcasts:

There were 2 incredible broadcasts on the Full Moon in Capricorn. A summary is as follows:

The entire set of broadcasts were focused on allowing the Initiate to become a World Server.

"Lost Am I In Light Eternal, Yet on that light I turn my back."

Man must learn to turn his back on what he desires most and turn instead to the service of Humanity. As both Animal and Spirit we must learn to merge these two not one through eliminating the Discrimination we find between the two realms.

The real secrets of Capricorn are hidden and if revealed would stunt our Spiritual Evolutionary Progress at this point in time.

Capricorn is the culmination of the other 10 signs and during this period we climb to the highest mountain top and, as a Mountain Goat, are able to absorb an enormous amount of energy from our Hierarchy and distribute this energy to the 5 points of distribution.

From the Christ in Shambala down through our Hierarchy, through us using our Creative Imagination, then to the 5 main sites of New York, London, Darjling, Geneva and Tokyo.

The hardest task we face is to gather the energy and the use it not for our good but for the greater good of the whole.

We must purify our own selves like Christ through a Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration, Crucifiction and Resurection.

It is only when we have gone through such a process and personally desire nothing can we truly serve Humanity as Christ does.

Energy and though conform into matter therefor as a man thinkith so it shall be - we must put away petty desires for the good of the whole.

Energy is neither good not bad, it is simply energy. The anger lies in distributing these energies to Agencies that desire Evil. Therefor we must be ever diligent to ensure that this energy is being used for the good of Humanity not the selfish ambitions of a few.

During a Wildfire - the wise use of Fire can actually stop a wildfire, the unwise use can enlarge the inferno.

When the weapons were sent to the Syrian Rebels they got into the wrong hands and what is left is Caos.

So to our use of energy must be controlled so as not to add to the Caos and confusion here in the Material World.

The pathway of light is being prepared for the Coming Teacher - the Great Redeemer who will bring this planet back into the light of good.

During the Full Moon we focus as a group to bring down as much energy as possible through the Planetary Grid - which is weakest during this time. This Energy Grid is also weak at the time of the New Moon.

during this 10ht sign of the Zodiac we harvest this energy to be distributed during the next two Zodiac signs.

As we are initiated in this time of Capricorn, like the Masonic Initiation, we come into this light with nothing and with only the goal to serve Humanity.

Lost am I in Light Supernatural yet on this light I turn my back and serve humanity.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) I once again asked how to serve the Masons in the Great Hall in London with my passport aa-00029. They responded with Hate and sent me the Tarrot Death Card. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is about to tear them a new rear end, so HE has decided...alONg with the main lodge in Scotland and Paris for their arrogance.


2) For all the masons I l know - I am sorry your brothers in London are so full of hate. This is the third and last time I will ask them because each time they lie about me and sent out hate. This is the first time though they have sent me the Death Tart Card.

Do not let the Stink Pots in London ruin your lodge, you do great work and I am sorry my passport prevents me from joining.

3) The fires in this nation still rage and they will not cease until this nation turns back to GOD just like we stated a year ago.

4) Angela Merkel - you were just beaten by security forces - you were warned.

5) The economic news is just like we stated 13 months ago - I am truly sorry as JC Penneys, Macys, Best Buy, etc lay off folks and plan to close stores:

6) Finally - Russia, heed GOD's warning concerning the Olympics. It will not be repeated.
Please pray for the Innocent Masons who had nothing to do with sending me the Death Card. GOD is now going to reach out his hand and deal with those Hate Mongers in London, Scotland and Paris who run these lodges.

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