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Friday, January 3, 2014


Fri Jan 3, 2014 12:44

In recent articles we have learned the intents of the bankers in London - that World War 1 was oriented to take down the Tsar of Russia, but why?

The leadership of Russia, and much of Europe, back in the late 1800s were not Masons and did not worship the Babylonian Gods - Lucifer.

So a method was put in place to change all that with a Major War.

There are 3 levels of the Illuminati:

1) Black Level of Brotherhood- Masons up to 32 Degree, Skull and Bones, and the Knights Templar level 4.

2) The Red Brotherhood goes into the Rothchild's "The Round Table", The Pilgrim Society, head of the Gnostic Society, and up to any royal Prince.

4) Great White Brotherhood, who commune with spirits which have White Auras, are the Chief Priests, Kings of nations, Special Councils like the Council of 33 and of 13, Royal Priests with the GREAT WHITE LODGE being on Venus and the GREAT BLUE LODGE being on Syrius A.

Well - you can't have any Kings and Princes that are not initiates of the Masons running around, now can you?

Tsar Nicholas, who was displaced in 1917, set up a Orthodox Autocracy that would rebuild the Eastern Roman Empire. He actually began to give the power back to the people through the local churches - something the Masons and Lucifer detest. He had to be replaced or Russia might actually have set up a government the way GOD wanted it to be - a decentralized power where the people ruled.

(((((So how did I get this passport as a member of Russian Royalty and not be recruited as a mason and remain alive - that is for another day.)))))

So World War 1 eliminated the Old World Order and old Kings who refused to become Masons and replaced it with the NEW WORLD ORDER (NOVUS ODRO SECLORUM, 1932) with Masons loyal to the Queen in England - men like Lenin and Stalin of Russia, Hitler of Germany, Mussolini of Italy, Franco of Spain, etc. There were, of course, some hold outs like the King of Hungary.

Back to Russia: By 1920 in Russia the struggling Communists under Lenin were not able to retake the Ukraine or Siberia so after the French and British was kicked out of Northern Russia he US Industrialists moved in to give the new government whatever it needed to build the new Soviet Union.

US Made equipment, like cars and tractors and large machinery, were traded for gold. In one instance in 1920 over 570 boxes of Russian gold entered the US for this machinery.

The US also was ordered by President Herbert Hoover to send this new Soviet Union 700 tons of food through the US Food administration --- through the outfit of Kuhn, Loeb and Company - a Rothchilds funded outfit.

Russia then ween through many purges killing countless Jews and many others who were not seen to be loyal to the new Soviet Regime.

Equipment came in from all over. US General Electric provided this new Soviet Union with $37 Million in Machinery while the Boeing Company and German Aircraft Industry equipped the Russians with Junker Aircraft - all in exchange for gold. As Masons these Russian leaders were only concerned with staying in power. Within two years of the American Industrialization Russia had regained most of it's territories. The stage was then set to destroy the economy in a Great Depression, bring in leaders in Central Europe and again ferment another war.

US and British companies then went into nations like Germany, France, and Russia and built factories to manufacture weapons. Ford, for example, built the NAZI Tiger Tanks. IG Farben (Rothchilds owned) was the largest provider of War Material to NAZI Germany and their Headquarter buildings were spared by allied bombings. were spared being bombings

As most of you know, NAZI Germany was funded by these Rothchilds's Junkies and war equipment - like the Junker Bombers - were made for the NAZIs right here in Seattle.

When World War 2 began the Soviet Union was not supposed to be attacked by NAZI Germany. They were only ordered to kill the Jews and force the creation of Israel by driving them south towards Jerusalem.

Hitler became paranoid of the Masonic Control over the Soviet Union and lost his trust when the Soviet Union reinforced it's Western Boarder - I have read his letter to Mussolini. So these two Fascist Pigs attacked and almost destroyed the Soviet union.

Shortly before this attack Lord Mountbatten of England worked out a deal to get Americans into the war to help stop Hitler - he had gone too far. He sent the Japanese military the actual locations of where the US ships would be on 7 Dec 1941 and helped design the Bombing Runs on Pearl Harbor. As the bombs were dropping the Honolulu Tribune sat on the Admirals Desk for 1 week ago: Pearl Harbor to be bombed in 7 days.

Russia was devastated by the war. When they entered Berlin they had no more men to recruit. If the war had lasted another year the Soviet Union would have been destroyed.

Fast forward to 1990 when Ambassador Wanta used $26.5 Trillion Dollars provided by President Reagan to break up the Soviet Union and cause mass starvation and you have what once was a mighty super power reduced to 16 separate nations who's unity can never occur until their blessings are returned.

Most of the Ukranians and Russians I met when I was there live in a tiny little apartments in huge cities. Their rent and heat is free, but they usually live 3-6 people in a 900 square foot apartment with one bathroom. The families I knew brought in between $300 to $500 per month per family. A pair of new shoes is a huge luxury for these people despite what the Internet says.

There are the Rich and there are the poor.

When I opened the Embassy in Kiev I opted to stay with a family friend rather than live in my own apartment and use my monthly check to update his living space. If an Ambassador is not selling arms to the rebels (Like American and English Ambassadors) then there is not much to do but explore - and I did. These Ukranians and Russians are a Great People waiting for GREAT LEADERSHIP to return their blessings and take their place in World History.

Today: Many small towns dot the area next to the railroad tracks but work is scarce so many live in tiny houses and sell their home grown food to their neighbors.

The road network is extremely limited. For Example: the road that stretches between Moscow and St Petersburg, about 400 miles long, is 2 lane with almost no gas stations.

Transportation between cities is still primarily done by trains with open toilets - you can literally see the railroad tracks are you go down the rail line. Tea is provided by a Tea Pot (Samovar) that has not been cleaned since the Tsar was in power.

They are waiting for their leaders to lead.

If you wish to read more about this Economic Take Down I suggest buying the book: THE CREATURE FOR JECKYL ISLAND on

Thank you for your time.

A little about the last TSAR - who was the last GREAT LEADER Russia ever had, but his family is arrogant beyond belief. This NEW GREAT LEADER cannot be a ROMANoff but must be loyal to Russia and the Russian People.

If the Masons (through the Great Brotherhood of Bohemia and their GODS)can take down the most powerful man in the world through lies, murder and deception then even the great United States (Corp) can be destroyed by these Lucifarians. With this destruction will come Marshal Law and World War 3 where Israel and the Muslim world destroy each other and then Lucifer's Doctrine can be brought out for the entire world to see.

Even the leaders of China and Japan are Masons and must bow to their Lucifarian Masters. If you think they will lead us into a GREAT ERA then you are in error - they must do what Lucifer tells them to do. The great leaders of the Golden Dragon and Black Dragon Societies must obey and are too cowardly to resist.

Please pray - visualize - that this is stopped in it's tracks and these Cowardly Men realize the errors of their ways --- look up leaders, here it comes....within a fortnight.

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