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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The Ant is one of the most remarkable species on Planet Earth. Just in Washington State alone there are over 200 different sub species. They differ in size, color, head shape, leg size, and every other attribute you can think of.

Despite it's apparently individual stupidity and "Pestyness" they work together as a group and seem to outlast almost every other species around.

Even as one drives from Reno Nevada across Highway I-80 in the hot dry Nevada Desert this little guy seems to thrive, even building nests between the mediums of the freeway.

Particularly "pesty" are those tiny little Red and Black ants that thrive at the Hanford Nuclear Site.

You see - ants build underground nests and find all the nice warm (Radioactive) underground nesting sites. They carefully dig down to these "Hot Spots"and take the little radioactive grains of sand up to the surface of the Earth to be discarded as the dig their little tunnels.

Unfortunately - this Radioactive Dust blows East, downwind.

Directly downwind of Hanford are Washington's Tri-cities: Walla, Kennewick, and Richland. Not only are the residents of these town highly effected by this radio-acitve soil dust there are large number of Wineries in this are as well.

Local Residents are called "Downwinders" and most wear the Hanford Necklace (Thyroid Removal Scare) if they are over 40.

In addition, Cancer Rates, MS, and many other Radio-acitve Caused Diseases are the highest per capita in the nation in these three cities.

In comes Jan and Sam (Names have been changed)

Both Jan and Sam grew up as Downwinders. Jan's Father retired form Hanford and her father, a Full Bird Colonel, drew lots and was able to retire on a farm just downwind of Hanford. Every Month a team of US Army Atomic Specialists would come to his from Hanford to check for contamination. They would check the eggs, the milk, the crops - everything. Thye claimed nothing was evey ontaminated.

Jan's Father died young - several years after retiring form Hanford - of Cancer.

In comes Sam. Sam and Jan have been married for a very long time, both living as Hanford "Downwinders." About 10 years ago Jan got sicker and sicker so they went to doctor after doctor - no one could find out why she was sick. Finally one doctor found Hairy Leukemia in Jan and began giving her one of the Test Cancer Drugs the DOD provided. Jan got deathly ill and because it was a DOD drug Jan was ordered to stay in the Hospital.

((The DOD actually spends over $150 Billion per year to test out new "Cancer" drugs on suffering patients. The data is then sent to the Pentagon for the creation of new Chemical Weapons to kill people with.))

Sam carried his wife out of the Hospital and brought her home despite the orders of the DOD. If she had died he would have been prosecuted for First Degree Murder.

Sam began giving Jan 25 drops of Immusist per day and in 6 months the Cancer was gone and her health had recovered.

All that $150 Billion the DOD spends and Sam spent about $25 per month and in 6 months the cancer was gone.

Personally, I would recommend following the story: APFN THE CURE FOR CANCER UPDATE 3 and then adding Immusist.

Immusist can be found on line at

Sam makes no money off of Immusist but is very grateful to have his wife around today - 10 years later.

In the mean time the dust keeps blowing into this are and new people are diagnosed with MS and cancer daily, yet few reach for the phone to order anything. They just go to the Doctor and die.

Swedish Cancer Hospital (Seattle) - 5% Survival Rate over 10 years.
Cost: Everything you own.

The techniques we use - 97% Survival rate over 10 years.
Cost: About $50 to $100 per month, depending on how much you do.

When I use these products I bring them into my diet.

I use Tumeric Spice - which stops tumors from growing and softens Veins and Arteries.

Cilantro Spice is used to clean out your Lymphatic System, and it tastes good as well.

I use Immusist in my Fruit Juice in the morning.

I eat Sea Weed and Miso Soup instead of Centrum Vitamins and Iodine Water Purification Tablets.

It is not a matter of buying a bunch of pills and eating them - it is about changing your spices and food ingredients to live healthier.

OK - we do use some supplements - but the vast majority comes from incorporating these foods into our diets.

For Example: Miso Soup, Sea Weed and Rice fills you up and has almost no calories. This is great for a Late Night Snack.

That's it - now you know the rest of the story.
Please pray with me that the Curse on Immusist is broken and that those who purposely kill people by giving them lethal treatments to fight cancer and MS stop these practices immediately.

You Heard it First, Here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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