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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Great Sprint Disaster

What you are about to hear is pretty typical of what is going on out there in the business world on all fronts.

This story is about many things: 1) The US Treasury moving of jobs overseas, 2) a younger generation that is now too dumbed down to even care, 3) a group of older folks who still care, 4) and an economy that is about to collapse because of a group of determined Luciafarians who wish to kill American's.

In mid - November last year we decided to get new cell phones. Our old Motorola Droid X phones were worn out and there were no new software updates available to ensure the programming did not continue to degrade.

We were forced into a position to get new phones.

I had had a Verizon Cell Phone (US West, Quest and then Verizon) for over 20 years now yet when I called their help desks all I was able to speak to were really dumb young people and no one could answer any of my "why after about 8 gigs of data was used each month my phone slowed to a crawl" we decided to go to Sprint.

We signed up with Sprint and after $500 walked away with 4 new Droid Phones. They promised us 4G and incredible sound quality form our homes.

After getting home it turned out there was no 4G in Tacoma or any surrounding city. In fact - there was no 4G in most of Western Washington - we were sold a lie.

Not only that we could not access the internet form our home - Tacoma is the thrid largest city in Washington State and we have no internet on our phones?

We found out Sprint coverage really stinks, and because of this so does their voice quality in Western Washington - your are lied to America.

We tried on 3 occasions to work with the Sprint both in thier offices and on ht phones and the people we reached on the phone were very friendly but not helpful at all.

We took our phones back to the Sprint store and we got $300 back -- 11 days of FREE USE IN A 14 DAY TRIAL PERIOD cost us about $200. They gave us a paper clearing our account and said we owe nothing else.

Sprint sent me no bill so I though nothing more of it.

We went back to Verizon who then limited our data.

We originally left Verizon because our contract gave us Unlimited Data for life - but Verizon refused to honor this if we got a new phone. SO they sell Crap Phones and then force you to update.

Verizon lies and. like Sprint, clearly and openly violates Corporate Law continuously land thus violates the UCC daily.

In early January I got a bill from a collection agency stating I owed Spring $307, even thou I had a letter stating I owned them nothing. This collection agency - IC Systems Inc - is actually a subsidiary of Sprint set up to destroy your credit. They offered to take $260 to clear my good name.

After speaking to IC Systems I called Spring at they told me that after I paid them $51 I owed Sprint nothing - their mistake - Confirmation Number 3147, ID# I456-804-875 and I would receive a bill on the 15th of January that stated I owed Sprint nothing.

Today I received a bill stating that I owed Sprint $307 again.

I called Sprint - after paying them $128.16 - They stated they were wrong and I was paid up in full AFTER the $128.16.

Then they stated they would send me an E-mail stating I am paid up in full.

They lied, again - but THEY are in the Philippines and do not care and YOU cannot reach Sprint, ATT, Verizon or T-Mobile executives in the US. You get what they give you.

Total Cost to use 2 Sprint Phones for 11 days so far - over $400.00 and it looks like it will top $550.00. We - like you - got so screwed.

The Phone Industry is a monopoly. They are gods and you are peons, You will bow to them and kiss their feet and watch the TV shows THEY tell you to watch.

We are Sheeple - BAAAAAAA.

I will call sprint daily now to ensure that this latest lie does not perpetuate itself.

If you are a business considering using a US Based Mobile Phone Server - you might wish to rethink that decision.

If your company is going overseas - DO NOT use a US based mobile phone company - they lie.

If you know a Sprint of Verizon Executive - Sucker Punch him for me and use my name when you hit him hard.

If you are stupid enough to work for the US State Department - do not use a US based cell phone carrier. You will be so screwed if you do and your local US Ambassador will laugh at your stupidity.

Sprint - you are about to experience some real financial problems thank to your arrogant overseas operators and IC Systems. You lied and GOD will now deal with your executives and your company.
Please pray that these Cell Phone Monopolies are hit hard for their lying.

You Heard This First, Here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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