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Friday, January 17, 2014

Pres Obama Moves to Kill More Americans Through Land Grab

This is a very overt move by Obama to kill millions of Americans.

Wake the Hell Up America:

A few days ago President Obama illegally ruled that the Wind River Indian Reservation would expand it's boundaries in Wyoming and engulf the town of Riverton.

First - to understand this illegal action understand US Code:

1) Virginia Land Company owns the entire North American Continent and is owned by teh King of England.

2) Resolution Trust Fund manages every square inch of the United States.

3) The DOD is a subsidiary of the IMF, see USC 5, Sec 103 ---- the DOD is no longer controlled by the US Corporation. The IMF seized it.

4) The US is owned by the IMF (USC 2, Sec 286) and the IMF is 54.5% owned by David Rothchilds.

5) The IMF owns the US Dept of Agriculture, EPA, and moist every other Department operating within the US Land Base.

6) The states are licensed to operate by the US Corporation.

7) Cities and Counties are licensed to operate by their respective states.

8) The Indian Tribes are Corporations owned by the US Department of Agriculture and neither the US Dept of Agriculture nor the Indian Tribes are licensed to operate within the respective states - they forgot to file a Business License.

9) Since the Tribbes are not license under the Trading with the Enemies Act to operate within the states tis makes Obama's Ruling a violations of hte UCC.

10) Either Obama is immediately removed from office and this error or fixed of the Federal Reserve Dollar (Feds Owned by the Rothchilds) can no longer legally be the World Currency because the Controlling Board for the Fed Reserve System is in violation of the UCC - and International Law.

11) If this is not done immediately then the world economic system will begin collapsing immediately - this is a Universal Law that will been forced by the Living GOD. SO HE has stated it, so it shall be.

WHat happened when this occurred way back in 1994 iin Washington:

1) A ruling was made to give the Puyallup Indian Tribe the entire town of Puyallup by a Federal Judge. Remember - the judges are Corporate Officers and can have liens placed against their Surety Bonds at the local counties and they can no longer be a judge - but no one did this.

2) The Indian Lawyers marched down to the local county and placed a small lien against every business they could file against - and so they shut down the city of Putallup.

3) Washington State, rather than arresting these Indian Lawyer Punks and placing liens against the Judge (Legal Route) and Indian Property, buckled under and payed the Puyallup Indian Tribe about $11o,000,000 to shut them off and then allowed them to build a casino.

4) After the Puyallup Indians received the money they pulled the liens.
What just occurred is the illegal transfer of land by the Illegal Alien Barack Obama through an Executive Order. The transfer was illegal because there was no transfer of money or title when the Executive Order was signed.

I spoke with the Governor's Office and they are still in shock.

I spoke with the City Hall in Riverton and they were still in shock.

The ruling only effected Air Quality and was done by the EPA - which is not licensed to operate in the area controlled by Wyoming or the Indian Tribe.
What Obama's End Game Is: Read this very carefully: Agenda 21.

1) Eliminate the White Man from most of the Western US and move them into cities.

2) Bring in Indian Farmers and plant GMO Corn and Wheat across this land - thus sterilizing the land for future generations. This will ensure the death of every Indian (I am part Indian, Not Native America) from the Mississippi through the center of Washington State.

3) White's and Blacks, Orientals and Indians not part of the local tribes will have their land seized and be forced off of their own lands illegally and in violation of the UCC.

4) If you do not leave YOUR land YOU tax payer's dollars will be used to forcefully evict you through the use of the US Army. There is NO Posse Comatatis Act - you are Slaves to Obama and you will obey your MASTER.

5) Wile you slept and watched TV this is what these Evil Scum in DC were carefully planning and implementing. While GOD was warning you - you slept.

6) These New PLANTATIONS (Obama's Words) will also allow factories to come into these areas and there will be no regulation by the EPA in these Special PLANTATION zones. Factories will then be used to completely destroy the Ground Water for generations to come.

7) We have already seen the elimination of many doctor's offices across the Lakota Reservations and they are being replaced with Abortion Clinics. This is increasing the elimination of the Indian Nations.

8) The next area targeted for destruction will be the area of Western Montana and then the areas around South Dakota to kill the Lakota Tribe, whom I share blood with. The tribal leaders are all set for this great land transfer and the killing of their Tribal Members.

My wife is from the original tribes in Virginia.

If you think this to be conjecture or garbage please read the accompanying literature.

Obama's Plantations: Slavery for Indians and Then Death:
A message for the Governor: I would be proud to move to Wyoming and begin placing liens against every Unlicensed Federal Department operating on YOUR land and against every Indian Lawyer who plans to go ahead with Obama's Plans to kill the Wyoming Indians.

Department, 1946 Dictionary: An Agency of a Fascist Organization

Any Questions My Governor, Mr Mayor?

My guess is - you will both cave in and accept the legal ruling already prepared for your next court case to stop this insanity.

Think they will not do this - look what they did to the Spokane Indian Reservation:;article=146844;

Wake up Wyoming - Wake the heck up.

You cannot stand up to and F-22 firing a Nuclear tipped Missile form 1000 miles away.

It's about killing the Indian and making YOU move into a city where you can be controlled with contaminated food, water and air.

Wake up.

As an Ambassador I have Immunity to speak the truth - but you do not, wake up.

Governor - you have my number.
Please Pray that those who conspired to violate the UCC and kill the Wyoming Indians through these actions are removed immediately.

You heard this first here on APFN.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian
Cpt (Ret) USA

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