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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This article is meant to encourage the timid person to make themselves heard.

You can use a false name or your real name - but you have a right to be heard.

When I started in the media I was mentored by Dr Will P Wilson and Kieth Ljunghammer of Ch 77 and 23 of Seattle.

GOD would show me things and I broadcast these across the TV and across the world - and they all happened just like GOD said they would. That is very scary to be part of.

Each time GOD tells me something - like the bomb threats on 24 Sep, 3 Oct and 16 Dec of this year - and we have seen they all came true - I get get scared, nervous and anxious as if I do not trust GOD.

Believe me - describing an incoming Nuke of attempt on Obama puts me on edge.

After 30 months I left TV when Will Wilson changed the course of his show and I left - but Will once again showed me how to post stories on APFN. He came to my rescue.

When I started in the media 6 years ago my new mwife made me check the number of hits on my name on the net on - there were 15,000.

Today I am the first Billion Hits on a name on the world.

Copied form we see on Will Mount:

"""Environ 1 120 000 000 r├ęsultats (0,20 secondes)"""

Will Wilson has 666 Million, but on other search engines he too tops 1 Billion hits.

We two are the very first people in the world to have over 1 Billion Hits on our names on Google, MSN and all other Search Engines I have researched.

On there were over 780 Million hits on William Mount.

GOD keeps reminding me that I am only one heart beat away from leaving this planet so this is HIS work, not mine. I am just a vessel - but it is fun to see what GOD can actually do

When GOD started showing me tings I prayed that folks would hear HIS words and HE answered my prayers.

I encourage you to speak your mind. Be polite and respectful - but please speak up. Your voice needs to be head - no matter how small it is you are still very important in the eyes of GOD.

Here are the number of hits on others:

George Noory: 730,000
Glen Beck: 56,900,000
Sean Hannity: 13,300,000
Rush Limbaugh: 68,300,000
Barack Obama: 530,000,000
Barry Soetoro: 5,620
Clint Eastwood: 30,100,000
Will Wilson: Over 1 Billion
Will Mount: Over 1.1 Billion

So for your, the timid writer, your voice can be heard here on APFN.

Please pray that GOD's Word gets out no matter how many hits are on any ones name.

Will Mount

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