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Friday, January 3, 2014


Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:23

As many of you already know by now Fukushima reactor #3 went into a Melt Down Mod a few hours ago.

A huge plume of radioactive material is now in the air and headed towards the USA.

OK - the US or Japan or Russia could have neutralized these areas in one of 4 ways, but they did not:
1) Brown's Gas
2) Radionics
3) Lightning - yes - a lightning rod with a man made thunderstorm would neutralize this stuff.
4) The US could have used it's X-33 Aurora to move it to the Marian's Trench and dumped it in 39,000 feet of water followed up with Cement Construction Debris.

They did not and reactor 3 is now sending huge amounts of radiation tight towards you - so what do you do?

First - you must admit this is true even though the TV does not talk about it.

Second - you must admit that these excessive amount of radiation are harmful to you.

Then here is hat you do:

1) Stay inside as much as possible, especially during a windy day.

2) Your gardens now need to be covered to prevent radiation fall form contaminating your garden. I built an 8 X 8 greenhouse and grow leafy vegetables in Cat Litter Trays I bought from the Feed Store.

3) Wash your clothes more often, maybe even just rinsing them in the shower every night to get rid of the radioactive particles. Hang them in the shower and keep a fan on them and they should be dry by morning.

4) Incorporate into your diet the following foods:

a) Coffee and tea - the added Caffeine was shown in an internal AMA study to help ward off the effects of high levels of radiation.

b) Sea Weed - OK, so it is in the ocean and may be contaminated - so try and buy it from an uncontaminated area. Frankly - Costco Sea Weed works well at this time.

c) If you cannot stand Sea Weed buy Centrum Vitamins from Safeway and eat one every 3 days and add an REI or Army Water Purification Tablet (Iodine) to your coffee every 3 days.

d) Do Not eat GMO foods - wheat, corn, soy bean oil and non sugar cane sugars. I eat Spelt Bread, Non-GMO corn crackers, Spelt Pretzels, and C & H Pure Cane Sugar.

e) Remember: you need 3 months of: Food, Water, Toilet Paper, Ammunition, Heat, and Communications.

So in two days the radiation from a Nuclear Melt Down (China Syndrome) hits us here in the US so hunker down and be ready.

God help the poor Japanese who's prisoners and homeless have been sent in to the radioactive area to "Clean It Up" - all 4 million pounds of radioactive areas.

Over the next year the Rothchilds (Bauers form the Bohemian Grove in Germany) have planned for another 12 Nuclear Storage Facilities similar to Fukushima to melt down and the US will ensure this is done.

FEMA Operation Devolution: The complete operation of the US Government once all surface dwellers are dead.
For You Intel Geeks:

Apparently you do not get it yet Homeland Security.

You stole my money and forced me to live on the road for 5 months.

You will pay me back or your system will collapse and with it most of your agency will be dead or disabled.

In addition - you will pay me for the 5444E AND the US Treasury 211s or NO ONE will buy your debt and your system will collapse.

Are you Brain Dead - after we first announced this your Thursday morning %100 Billion Treasury Bond Turnover stopped.


Your little Venutian Lucifarian Reps are liars and do not have the power to stop an Earth Quake or Sun Spot. They are wimps compared to GOD and it is time for their take down, So GOD has said it, so it shall be.

US Treasury Department: YOUR violation of the UCC has set in motion a series of events that will lead to the death of many US Treasury Agents and the downfall of the World Wide Banking System.

GOD's 7 year cycle is up - it is time, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come. So HE has said it, so it shall be. Your destruction is nigh.

These little raids by the FBI on the nations power grids is just a little part of this take down.

Hey US Treasury and FBI - your death is no loss to me. All you have been is a thorn in my side.

YOUR blood is on your own heads for your Ignorant Arrogance.
Please pray that these US Treasury and FBI Agents wake up before they are destroyed.

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